Environmental Reports Ambientais Acting with transparency

We are committed to protecting the environment and we manage natural resources efficiently and sustainably. We adopt strict ESG criteria to serve our partners and preserve the biomes and adapt in a way that does not compromise or even requalify local realities.

Pertaining to this commitment, we formally adhere to the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

As we abide by local legislation and seek to respond with complete clarity and transparency to the information needs of our communities, we share access to reports and documents of a public nature that support our projects.


Access to Environmental Reports

During the implementation phase of a wind farm, we carefully analyze socio-environmental changes and possible occurrences, establishing the main actions to prevent, compensate or mitigate their impact. In the following links, we provide access to public documents that demonstrate our commitment to the environment, transparency and ethics:

EMI – Complexo Eólico Antônio Gonçalves (Ventos de Santo Antônio)
EMI – Complexo Eólico Morro III (Ventos de São Cirilo)
RIMA Complexo Eólico Currais Novos (Ventos de São Rafael)
RIMA Complexo Eólico Pedra Lavrada
RIMA Complexo Queimada Nova Leste I (Ventos de Santa Aurelia)
RIMA Complexo Eólico Dom Inocêncio Sul (Ventos de Santa Rosa)
RIMA Complexo Eólico Babilonia Sul (atual Ventos de São Joaquim)
RIMA Complexo Eólico Saude (Ventos de Santa Celina)
RIMA Rio do Vento