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Your company can easily select their electric energy carrier and freely negotiate the prices, terms, quantity and generating sources.
By choosing to contract renewable and long-term energy, you contribute to the sustainability of the Brazilian energy grid and can guarantee an affordable, reliable and secure supply of energy.

This is the fastest growing contracting model in the world, especially considering the role companies now have in contributing to the sustainability of our planet.
In Brazil, we have been the main provider for renewable energy solutions and the preferred partner in energy transition to achieve high efficiency and eco-friendly energy supply systems.

Contrate Energia

Welcome to the Energy of the Future

More than reducing your energy tariffs, we expand your horizon to include renewable energy certificates, carbon credits and I-RECs, as well as support your company in complying with global ESG criteria.

Not only are we your partner in the supply of clean energy, but also signatories to the Brazil Network of the Global Compact, a United Nations (UN) initiative, and we’re committed to the environment, human rights, fighting corruption and equal work.


As the largest developer of renewable energy projects and positioned in locations with the best wind and solar resources, we are able to supply energy at competitive prices, more closely related to the cost of generating the assets than to the market price.

Increased reliability

Because we hold the highest track record and quantity of wind and sun measurement in the market, our projects are able to estimate production more accurately, ensuring greater reliability in energy delivery.

Increased flexibility

Through our trader, we are able to offer a variety of supply terms, modulation curves and seasonality within the submarket in which your company is placed.

Self-sufficient production

Our optimized and custom-made model

In addition to providing energy generation, we also offer our clients with the option of purchasing a stake in the power plant, enabling its self-sufficiency in energy production and reducing its total costs in electricity.
We take over the construction of the plant with clients retaining the right to exercise their purchase options at the beginning of the project taking advantage of the benefits of self-sufficient production right from the start. As such, Casa dos Ventos exempts partners from risks and costs associated to construction development.
The investment made by the partner to become a self-sufficient energy production plant can take place at different stages in capital and term commitment.
Throughout the development’s life cycle, the partner can rely on Casa dos Ventos to deliver excellency in operating, managing maintenance activities and guaranteeing performance.

Self-sufficient production

Investment Flexibility

After the plant's commercial operations initiate, our partner commits to a pre-defined investment that is adapted to their desired amount of capital commitment and pay installments.

Mitigated Risk

As the project’s expenses fall under our purview: the self-sufficient producer is thus free from labor risks and additional expenses. This model also minimizes risks of fluctuating fees related to sector tariffs, increasing accuracy in expense forecasting.

Guaranteed operation

We take over the plant’s management, including its operational and maintenance activities to ensure the high performance. The self-sufficient production enables partners to focus on their core competencies, while we runs the enterprise’s energy operations.

Added solutions

Dedicated projects

Other solutions: dedicated soluctions

In addition to providing a long-term energy with our self-sufficient model, we are able to propose solutions that meet specific needs. These solutions may include onsite projects, energy contracts in dollars and investments in transmission to reach isolated consumers, among others.

Clients and Cases

Great projects for all companies

We consider each client a partner with specific needs that we need to understand and meet. We are experts in custom-made solutions: ranging from Greenfield sales to operational projects, through traditional PPAs and self-sufficient production systems, we deliver energy that ensures sustainability and competitiveness for your business.

Clientes e cases

Vale has a 23-year energy contract with Casa dos Ventos through the Folha Larga Sul wind farm in Campo Formoso, Bahia, with an installed capacity of 151.2 MW. The partnership is in line with Vale’s strategic vision of providing 100% of its energy consumption through renewable sources. Find out more.



Mining Sector

Braskem will have a wind energy sourced from the Rio do Vento parks for 20 years. With this partnership, Braskem intends to eliminate several hundred tons of CO2 emissions, contributing to its goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050. Braskem also adhered to the Global Compact and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more.



Petrochemical Sector

TIVIT’s 4 data centers and 30 offices in Brazil will be powered by clean energy by 2022. Generating up to 108 GWh / year for 12 years from the Rio do Vento project. TIVIT is the first Brazilian tech company in the market powered by 100% renewable energy. Find out more.



Technology Sector

Anglo American is a self-sufficient producer of 3 wind parks in the Rio do Vento complex, with a 20-year contract to supply about 30% of all energy consumed by Anglo American plants in Brazil. More than 430 thousand tons of CO2 per year will be reduced. Find out more.



Mining Sector Anglo

Anglo American is a self-sufficient producer of 3 wind parks in the Rio do Vento complex, with a 20-year contract to supply about 30% of all energy consumed by Anglo American plants in Brazil. More than 430 thousand tons of CO2 per year will be reduced. Find outmore.



Battery Sector

As of 2022, Vulcabras, a Brazilian shoe company of brands such as Azaleia, Olympikus, Under Armor, among others will ,have practically 100% of its energy supplied by the Rio do Vento wind farm, with a 13-year contract and a steady energy supply of 65 GWh / year. Find out more.



Footwear Sector

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