As one of the pioneers and among the main investors in the renewable energy market in Brazil, we’ve been identifying key resources available for electric energy generation since 2007.

We hold a diversified portfolio which include wind and solar assets, in addition to owning a hydroelectric power plant.

Due to our innovative and high-grade projects we have become a benchmark for companies seeking to transition into a more competitive and sustainable future.

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Innovation, sustainability and commitment

In developing, generating and trading renewable energy

Recognized for spearheading wind energy development projects all over the country, we have now expanded our portfolio to include solar power sources and hybrid projects.

With applied technology and acquired expertise, we’ve distinguished ourselves in operational efficiency, asset management and energy trading.

An energy-filled

An energy-filled story



Exploration Campaign for Wind Resources

23.8 GW wind project identification and development
11.1 GW under construction or in operation
+12.7 GW suitable for construction


Wind parks construction and operation

+1.3 GW installed
+ 1.4 GW under construction
+ R$ 13 billion under investment


Solar and hybrid projects development

5.8 GW of solar energy identification and development
Hybrid projects: solar + wind
Energy storage solutions


Free Market Solutions

+1.6 GW provided to free consumers
+6.7 TWh / year in corporate contracts
Customized self-sufficient solutions


Energy Trading Company

Portfolio Management
Energy Trading Desk
Retail Services

Meet the people behind Casa dos Ventos

Our team is our energy

The relentless pursuit of innovation is embedded in our culture. Our policy is to amaze.
More than through individual talent, it is through collaboration that we maximize value.

Mário Araripe

Mário Araripe


The engineer who made cars

and believes in the poetry of the wind




Lucas Araripe

Lucas Araripe

Business Prospects

From developing field projects

to building new business partnerships

Business Administration



Ivan Hong

Ivan Hong


Financial structuring of projects and beyond

Resources for a sustainable future

Business Administration



Clécio Eloy

Clécio Eloy


Enthusiasm and energy infused

Development execution

Business Administration



Edson Zaparoli

Edson Zaparoli


With an extensive research career, the professor

leads research studies in wind and solar energy




Mission, goals and values

Casa dos Ventos’ mission is to endorse renewable energy generation through projects that uphold sustainable and environmentally friendly energy development.

Our goal is to become a competency benchmark in identifying, developing, building and operating projects that generate energy through renewable sources.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

As the company investing the most in renewable energy research and technology in the country, we are prepared to deliver excellence in executing all the stages of our projects.


Valuing Human Resources

We motivate and recognize people who share our commitment to innovation and sustainable development, respecting their values and diversity.


Committed to Generating Results

It is through a sense of belonging that our team is able to increasingly optimize process efficiency and technology utilization in structuring project developments.


Ethics and Transparency

We are mindful of our actions, respecting the local legislation and communities where we are present and we strive for transparency in the way we conduct our business and investment operations.


Environmental responsibility

We’ve adhered to the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by UN and have employed the ESG best practices to increase the preservation of local biomes and decrease carbon emissions.


Contributing to Communities

We develop social initiatives to boost economic development, improve the quality of life and provide capacity building programs in the communities where we are present.

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In renewable energy source efficiency and growth

In renewable energy source efficiency and growth

We invest in the development, implementation and operation of wind and solar parks, and actively contribute to any aspects involving renewable solutions within the Brazilian energy grid.
Through these ventures, we support consumers in their sustainability goals and contribute to a cleaner, more competitive and inclusive economy.

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The future is now

Sustainability, the future is now

Our investment in sustainability goes beyond generating clean energy.
Besides eliminating the annual emission of millions of tons of carbon dioxide, we promote environmentally friendly initiatives for local biomes and social projects dedicated to improving life in the communities where we operate.