Casa dos Ventos portfolio is the largest in Brazil. To get here, we have spent years of research developing a proprietary methodology to identify and assess the main wind resources of the country. We have established a factory to produce measurement towers that enables us to have the largest campaign of anemometric measurements in the country.

DSC 0768LIDAR campaign in Jacobina - BA

Low Uncertainty in Power Generation

Besides having over 450 measurement towers generating information for our projects, we use remote sensing devices to validate our models and reduce uncertainties in the estimates of energy production.

Casa dos Ventos uses two types of remote sensing equipment: LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging and SODAR (Sound Detection and Ranging). The LIDAR and SODAR use the Doppler effect through beams of light and sound, respectively. The great advantages are the capability to operate them with great mobility in the field and to measure the wind up to 200m of height.

Another procedure that we have adopted in order to reduce uncertainties in the assessment of the wind resource is the laser profiling of the projects´ topography. Through this survey, we have a greater accuracy of the terrain and vegetation, variables that have influence on the flow of the wind.

Encouraging research

We believe that knowledge through research is what keeps us in a leading position in the Brazilian wind sector. For this, we have entered into strategic partnerships with equipment suppliers, software developers and independent certifiers, among others, always with the objective to exchange information and technology. These are some of the initiatives that qualify our staff and make Casa dos Ventos the only Brazilian company to submit technical studies and reports at the leading international wind energy conferences.

DSC00272SODAR measurement in Simões - PI

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