Committed to the diversification of its portfolio in renewable energy, Casa dos Ventos invests capital and expertise in hydroelectric generation, the main source of the Brazilian energy matrix.

We have in our portfolio Candengo SHP, one of the first hydroelectric plants in the country, built in 1922. The plant is supplied by the Una river and is located in the municipality of Valença in Bahia.

PCH Candengo 01

In 2017, we completed the modernization works of the Candengo SHP, with the exchange of equipment and expansion of its installed capacity from 2MW to 11MW.

The energy generated by the Candengo SHP is reserved for the free market and is sufficient to supply the consumption of ten thousand homes.

PCH Candengo 02

Candengo SHP was one of the first hydroelectric plants in Brazil and represents an important legacy for the renewable relevance of our energy matrix.

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