Wind is one of the most promising energy sources: it is renewable, produces no toxic waste or gases and has very low environmental impact, which can be minimized with technology and Engineering. These factors make wind energy one of the main alternative sources to fossil fuels.

beneficiosCasa dos Ventos seeks to minimize environmental impacts through the work carried out by a specialized team

Working together for mutual good

In our relations, we have a priority to maintain a long-term relationship with landowners, and the results are beneficial for both parties.

Wind farms do not prevent traditional land use and do not dislodge owners from their properties. It is a complementary economic activity and land owners receive compensation that stimulate the economy in the region. During the phase where the lease contracts are celebrated, one of the legacies is the land regularization. Throughout the construction and operation of the power plants, we contract the local labor, including the promotion of training courses.

Among the benefits that come to the region, there is the improvement of local infrastructure of roads and electrical grid near the projects - for the transport of equipment - and construction of transmission lines and substation. For all the projects we have implemented, we also raised the main demands of the region and elaborate social and environmental programs for the reduction of these needs.

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