Compartilhando a importância das fontes renováveis com alunos de Simões - PISharing the importance of renewable sources with students of Simões-PI


Promote the generation of renewable energy, through projects that add to a sustainable and environmentally responsible development of our country.

Become reference of competence in the identification, development, construction and operation of projects that generate energy through renewable sources.


  • Ethics and transparency
    Act aligned with ethics, respecting the laws and local communities and having transparency in our commitments and investments.

  • Environmental Responsibility
    Respect for the environment, preserving local biome and allowing the continuity of its development.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
    Investment in knowledge and technology in order to achieve excellence in all areas where we operate.

  • Contribution to local communities
    Develop social projects and initiatives that enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants of the regions where we operate.

  • Human resources appreciation
    Motivate and recognize people who share with us the same commitments, respecting their values and diversity.

  • Commitment to Results
    Investing in people empowerment, process optimization and improvement of technologies to generate increasingly efficient projects.