Casa dos Ventos is one of the pioneers and leading investors in the wind power market in Brazil. We develop projects in the northeast region of Brazil since 2007, identifying the main wind resources available for power generation and extracting wind energy from these locations.

Sede da Casa dos Ventos em São PauloCasa dos Ventos Headquarter in São Paulo

Investing in the nation´s renewable energy potential

We act in the prospecting and development of the projects and, subsequently, in the deployment and operation of the wind farms. Today, we detain the largest portfolio of projects under development in Brazil, located in Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Piauí, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Bahia, totaling 15.5 GW of installed capacity. In addition to these developing projects that ensure the growth of the company, approximately 5.5 GW of projects developed by us are already under construction or operation. These projects secured power purchase agreements through auctions promoted by the federal government or by bilateral contracts in the free market.

Our projects are characterized by scale, high capacity factors and low uncertainty the energy output. The technology and equipment used, coupled with our proprietary methodology, guarantee reliability in production estimates of the wind farms. Our management and presence in the regions target for the reduction of environmental impacts, another of our priorities. Our enterprises are also a mark of transformation in the municipalities where they are deployed through the generation of jobs and increase in local economic activity.

Ensino de príncipios de sustentabilidade para novas gerações na Chapada do AraripeTeaching sustainability principles to new generations in Chapada do Araripe

Sustainability: the future is now

Until 2018, our projects will produce enough renewable energy to meet the consumption of 6 million households, avoiding the annual emission of 6,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We believe in sustainable growth and have it as a guideline in everything in which we engage: from the choice of the business in which we operate until our relationship with landowners and communities.

Opening of multi-purpose sports courts in Simões/PI, Chapada do Araripe