Transforming the power of wind into energy is the result of many efforts. One of the key actors in this process is the person or family setting a partnership with Casa dos Ventos. Through this relationship, we can dispose of their land for wind potential studies and, the project proving feasible, for the installation of wind turbines and other essential structures to a wind farm.

Evento para promover educação ambiental em Araripina – PEEvent to promote environmental education in Araripina - PE

We also have as principle the establishment of a healthy and productive bond with the communities around our projects. Among the improvements that come to the regions where we install our wind farms are the training of local labor and job creation, investment in local infrastructure by improving roads and accesses and various social initiatives.  

We raise the region´s main demands and elaborate programs for the reduction of these local needs. This process results in significant investments in health, education, sanitation, among others, and improve the quality of life of residents of the regions where we operate.