If you are a landowner near areas where we develop wind projects or believe that your region has the potential for generating energy from wind, keep in mind that Casa dos Ventos has the largest number of measuring towers and meteorological stations in Brazil. In the right time, our representative, duly identified, will come to you with information, get to know the land and clarify doubts.

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During the wind measurement phase and project development, land owners already receive payments for giving us the right to make our studies. At a later stage, land owners that install a wind turbine in their property will monthly receive a percentage of the sale of energy produced from the turbines.

If you are contacted by Casa dos Ventos to harness the potential of your property, there may be a number of questions you have in mind. Thinking about it, we recommend reading our brochure that answers, point by point, the most common questions from those who want to become a partner of Casa dos Ventos.

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