As a partnership, while we develop the structures for clean energy generation, the land owners and their communities also benefit because:

  • We are committed to the land regularization of properties that will be part of the wind farm.

  • Landowners receive compensation for the lease and use of their properties.

  • Wind farms are compatible with other land uses. That is, the owner of the land can continue to normally hold livestock and conduct agricultural activities.

  • We invest in local infrastructure, improving roads that will be used to transport equipment during the construction of the windfarms (Yes, that's why we invest in awareness initiatives to avoid accidents), but remain as a legacy for the cities and towns where we are present.

  • The construction and operation of the wind farm generate new jobs and bring indirect investments in areas such as transportation, food, hospitality, health and tourism.

beneficios 02Landowners in Simões-PI

The energy generated by the wind, besides being renewable, because it is always available, is clean and does not impact the routine of the community. For questions about this, we prepared a brochure that explains the myths and points out the facts related to our projects.